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Cool game. 

I'd like to be able to change the control sensitivity. Upgrading the small ships makes navigating traps much harder due to the insane speed.

A lot of things here remind me of Jets'N'Guns.

I quite enjoyed this game! 


Bought, but it says "trial version" in the lower-right corner.

Hello! I can assure you this is in name only as I assume you can access the full game? We are going to get a build up without the ''trial version'' text soon! But if you do not have full access (Be able to choose all levels, upgrade etc) Please get back to us and we will look into it!


Wow, this feels like I'm playing a lost Amiga game. I love it


I have just been informed that it basically is a lost Amiga game, lol. Anyway, great game!

Glad that you like it! :)

Is there a way to rebind controls? I find x and c being the buttons to rotate awkward, ans Z and X would work better.


As of now there is no way to do that sadly but will forward the request to the devs and see what we can do :)

It's especially annoying on a QWERTZ keyboard... ;)

Fortunately, that means the game reads keyboard characters, not keyboard scan codes! As a temporary workaround you can just create a different keyboard layout!

Just google "Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC)", which is an official free tool from Microsoft.

Is this an updated version, or just unreleased until now?

Yes this is the latest version :)